Creative Ways to Give Old Window Frames New Life

People have been repurposing antique furniture and accessories for years. In 2014, according to a report from Zillow, repurposed antique furniture was one of the top three trends in remodeling. Old window frames make great accent pieces in your home or office. Whether or not the frame has glass, you can turn your flea market find into a work of art. With just a little creativity, your window frame will be a new and interesting focal point in the room.

Slider-WindowArtwork for the Walls

The most common way to reuse a window frame is to hang it on the wall and use the panes as frames for new photos, but you could also use vintage magazine advertisements or an outdated map to fit your tastes. For a more unique look, replace the glass with mirrors or a chalkboard base. Turn the window on its side and hang it horizontally, and add a shelf and hooks to make an interesting coat rack for your foyer. A window frame also makes a beautiful shadowbox frame. A collection of window frames in different sizes makes for an attention-grabbing collage on your wall. The possibilities for turning a refurbished window frame into art are limited only by your creativity.


Did you know that you can recycle your old window frames into new furniture? Two or three frames connected together would make an interesting headboard for a bed, even more so if the frames were of architecturally different styles. Two arched window frames paired as a headboard would be a very pretty boho-chic accent to the room.

Larger window frames could be used as a room divider. Stretch a piece of thick lace or some wire mesh across the reverse of a smaller frame to use it a jewelry organizer. You could also turn your window frame into a coffee table with the legs off an old chair or some dowel rods. Just make sure that if there’s glass in the frame it is firmly set in so that it doesn’t fall through.


Window frames have shown their ability to stand up to years of weather, so they make great outdoor decorations to your home or patio. Repurposing window frames in the garden is also very popular. There are many ways to put several frames together to form a working greenhouse. If you have a raised garden, putting window frames on top of the garden in an A-frame shape turns it into a greenhouse where you could raise lettuce all year round. Using hanging baskets, turn your frame into hanging mini garden, or use bromeliads, which don’t need a lot of soil.

Be Creative

The number of ways you can repurpose old window frames and doors for home décor is limited only by your imagination. Put different items together to create new pieces of furniture for your home. Reusing parts of a home is not only good for the environment (not to mention for your wallet), it also looks very stylish in your home. The antique and country look is very popular, and you’ll find many pieces that fit in your room to provide a cohesive aesthetic. Showing off your personality with repurposed window frames is easy and fun!