Knowing When Condensation on Windows is a Problem

Condensation on Windows

The presence of condensation on windows at your home can have ramifications that are more severe than you might think. But if you know the warning signs of potential issues, you’ll be able to avoid them.

When is Condensation on Windows Not a Problem?

Condensation that appears on the outside of your windows is not a problem. In fact, exterior condensation is a positive because it shows that your windows are doing their job by preventing heat transfer and providing good insulation for your home.

When is Condensation on Windows a Problem?

Interior condensation is a bad sign for the health of your windows. It typically comes about as a result of humidity problems in your home, which means you have ventilation issues to deal with. Deeper than the ventilation problem itself is the impact it can make, as the moisture and condensation it produces can create an environment conducive to mold and mildew growth. And with mold and mildew, your windows are rendered less effective and attractive.

While interior condensation on windows is an issue, condensation between window panes is worse. If you have condensation between two panes, it means the airtight seal of the insulating gas is no longer functioning. And when that’s the case, moisture can collect, which damages your window. All the while, the lack of insulation allows for energy to be wasted. So, if your condensation problem exists within two panes, you’ll need to look into replacement windows.

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