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Compare Vinyl Replacement Windows vs Fiberglass For Your Richmond Virginia Home

Are vinyl replacement windows the best option for you? Or should you go with fiberglass? This article will help you make the best decision.

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs FiberglassWhen was the last time you replaced your windows in your Richmond home?

If you’re not sure, it may be time. New windows are often less drafty, which saves money on your energy bill. These may also be more energy-efficient.

Then there’s the fact that new windows just look nicer.

You’ve done your research and browsed around, but you’re feeling stumped. You’re not sure if you should choose vinyl replacement windows or fiberglass windows.

How do you choose?

Allow us to explain. We’ll outline the pros and cons of both types of windows so you can make the best buying decision.

What Matters Most When Choosing Windows For Your Richmond VA Home

There are nine considerations to keep in mind as you compare vinyl replacement windows and fiberglass windows for home in Richmond, VA.

These are:

  1. Price
  2. Resale value
  3. Appearance
  4. Eco-friendliness
  5. Whether the surface can be painted
  6. Durability/strength
  7. Glass space
  8. Insulation
  9. Maintenance

Let’s dig into the details on whether vinyl replacement windows or fiberglass windows excel in those nine areas.

Vinyl Replacement Windows – Richmond, VA

Manufactured since the 1970s, vinyl replacement windows are more versatile than wood. These can be made bigger or smaller than wood frames. Vinyl customization is still a major perk to this day.

Vinyl windows are often made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. These windows may include metal within the PVC for structural integrity.

Insulating chambers within the vinyl can keep warm or cold air from traveling out of the house. This saves money.


These windows have a neat, clean look. It doesn’t take much work to maintain that look. Vinyl is relatively maintenance-free.


Insulation is an important factor to consider for a variety of reasons. If you live on a busy street that has a lot of traffic, insulated windows can reduce outside noise. Insulation also keeps in cool or warm air, reducing reliance on your air conditioner or heater.

As mentioned, vinyl replacement windows are a good choices for their great insulating qualities.

Glass Space

Depending on the brand of vinyl windows, the glass space may be about equal to fiberglass.


Higher-quality vinyl windows are stronger. They don’t need thicker frames that reduce glass space. You’ll be able to let the sunlight in every day with vinyl windows.


Vinyl windows were often not as durable as fiberglass windows. That’s changing though depending on the brand you buy.

If you choose a reputable manufacturer, your vinyl windows will be better made and will last you longer.

Painting Options

You cannot paint vinyl – which is good news! Less maintenance over the long run.


While fiberglass is in theory a bit more easily recycled, tons of windows still end up in landfills. Whichever material you choose, make sure that when you place them, you don’t just throw your old ones in the dumpster.


While you can’t change the color of vinyl, you have plenty of other ways to make these windows match the rest of your home.

For example, combine vinyl with aluminum or wood for a truly unique touch that will add a touch of pizzazz to any room.


Vinyl windows are often considered the cheaper of the two. That varies by manufacturer. Some manufacturers produce higher-quality vinyl windows that may cost nearly as much as fiberglass.

Resale Value

The higher quality of you vinyl replacement windows, the better the overall resale value of your home. With windows lasting up to 20 years, it’s something to consider, even if you aren’t thinking of selling your home right now.

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Fiberglass Replacement Windows – Richmond, VA

Fiberglass windows are mostly made of malleable polyester resins. These resins can be sized as desired.


These windows also don’t require much maintenance. That makes fiberglass no more advantageous than vinyl in this area.


We already mentioned the excellent insulating abilities of vinyl windows. Fiberglass windows can insulate a space almost as well.

This is due to the hollow cavities within these windows. By stuffing these with insulating foam or another insulating material, the windows keep unwanted noises out and comfortable temperatures in.

Glass Space

Fiberglass is sometimes the choice when it comes to glass space. The frames on these windows may be thinner, which makes the windowpanes larger. But if it’s a just fraction of an inch difference, why not choose vinyl for its other great benefits?


Many brands claim that fiberglass has more strength and durability. Fiberglass has one advantage; the entire surface is made of glass. The window seal may stay intact longer as all parts of the window contract and expand together.

Otherwise though, it’s a pretty even match between fiberglass and vinyl windows.

These days, vinyl windows with can hold just as much weight as fiberglass windows, if not more so.

Painting Options

You can indeed paint fiberglass if desired. But why add extra maintenance? You probably have other home projects to do, right?


The recyclable quality of glass is what gives fiberglass slightly higher marks for environmental friendliness.


Composite-frame and fiberglass windows are trendy. Other fiberglass windows may have a wood veneer.


Fiberglass is often the more expensive of the two, as mentioned.

Resale Value

Between vinyl windows and fiberglass windows, vinyl edges out fiberglass in the return on your investment.

The Verdict

While fiberglass once excelled in areas like environmental sustainability, cost, durability, and resale value, that’s changed.

Higher-quality vinyl replacement windows are greener, stronger, and more appealing. These windows are a better value for your money.

The Bottom Line

Vinyl replacement windows have come a long way. Once regarded as cheap and unappealing, these are a better option today than fiberglass windows. As we’ve explained, you get a better value with vinyl windows.

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