The Cost of Remodeling & The Value of Upgrading Your Home

Your home is your castle, but investing in a remodeling project can cost money, time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. Let’s take a look at why increasing your home’s ROI through upgrades and remodels is well worth your time, hard work and cash. View our infographic to learn which projects will produce the best ROI.

Remodeling Projects for Empty Nesters

So the kids have flown the coop and you’re facing an empty home with endless possibilities…have you panicked yet? Well, you should embrace this time of new beginnings and realize this is the age of YOU! You and your spouse likely spent most of your adult lives caring for your children and now that you’ve done a great job raising

6 Things that Make or Break Buying a Fixer-Upper

If you’ve got your eye on a home that needs work, there could be some deal breakers standing in the way of you getting the price you want. Aside from calculating the expected costs of necessary renovations, you also have to consider your time investment in the property to decide if it’s worth it. Check out these six things that

5 Home Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know: Outside Edition

As a homeowner, you’re probably always looking for shortcuts around the house and yard to improve your curb appeal and functionality. There are lots of home hacks for inside the house, but what about the outside? Take a look at these five home hacks every homeowner should know. Make planters out of old shelving. If you’ve got some old shelves

Ways New Replacement Doors will Transform Your Home

Whether you’re concerned about rising heating and cooling costs or you’re just concerned about aesthetics, there are many reasons why replacement doors can transform your home. Check out these ways in which putting on new doors can give you a fresh start. Energy Efficiency Nowhere is air leakage more significant than through a home’s exterior doors, with the ability to

Top 3 Home Façade Makeovers

Are you ready for a change in how the world views your home? Looking for something bolder, more daring, more compelling than what you have right now? You may need a new façade to your home’s exterior that can change the whole look of your property. Check out these three coolest home facades: Emphasize your Entry   New windows can

The Many Benefits of Working with a Local Business

Working with a local business to provide goods and services is not only convenient but it also spurs on the local economy and helps small companies in your community thrive. More than 28 million of them now operate in this country, with about 63 percent of new jobs emerging from small businesses between 1993 and 2013 alone, according to Forbes.

What You Should Know for When the Installers Arrive

So you’ve made the decision to put on an addition, make a much-needed home improvement, or even get cable or Wi-Fi put in. You have a lot of professional installers coming to your home to bring anything from sinks and cable wire to drywall and electrical outlets. What can you do on your end to prepare for the installer’s arrival?

Creative Ways to Give Old Window Frames New Life

People have been repurposing antique furniture and accessories for years. In 2014, according to a report from Zillow, repurposed antique furniture was one of the top three trends in remodeling. Old window frames make great accent pieces in your home or office. Whether or not the frame has glass, you can turn your flea market find into a work of

DIY Window and Glass Cleaners

There are many natural ways to clean the glass surfaces in your home without having to use harsh chemicals. There are gentler, non-toxic alternatives that you can even make at home with ingredients you likely already have on hand. Most recipes feature an acidic substance (usually lemon or vinegar) mixed with water and sometimes essential oils or other ingredients. Here

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