Best Replacement Windows 2018 Virginia Beach

Review The Best Replacement Windows of 2018 in Virginia Beach  

Who Makes the Best Windows in Virginia Beach?

Now that you’ve decided to replace your windows, you need to find the best! We’re sharing this review so you know what to look for and who makes the best windows in Virginia Beach!

Who Makes the Best Windows in Virginia Beach“Our senses are indeed our doors and windows on this world, in a very real sense the key to the unlocking of meaning and the wellspring of creativity.” -Jean Houston

Without a window in your home, there would just be doors and walls.

Nothing with which to look out and see the world while still in the comfort and safety of you own home.

Think of how dull and uninspiring life would seem if there were no windows in your home.

So when it’s time to replace your windows in Virginia Beach, you want to find the best in 2018.

Which makes you wonder, who makes the top rated windows in Virginia Beach?

We’ve done the research for you.

Here’s how to find the best windows in Virginia Beach.

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To Find the Best Windows, You Have to Know the Types of Windows

There are several different types of windows available to homeowners to compare. 

And just because you may have one type of window currently installed doesn’t mean you can’t change the entire look of your home by easily installing a new style of window.

Here’s a review of the most popular choices:

  • Bay: Two angled side windows with one large window in the middle. Projects outwards from the wall rather than flush with it.
  • Bow: Also projects outwards from the wall. Same sized square glass pieces are fitted to obtain a curved look.
  • Box: Similar to bay and bow windows but same sized square glasses pieces are used for the entire look.
  • Casement: Hinged like a door and opens from the side.
  • Double Hung: Features 2 sashes in a single frame. Both sashes slide up and down.
  • Garden: Two side operating windows allow for fresh air. Juts outward from home.
  • Slider: Operate horizontally along a metal or plastic track with 2 sashes. One or both ends can slide open.

The Best Windows are Made from Quality Materials

Once you’ve chosen the best windows for your aesthetic needs, it’s time to choose the material.

Here are your options for how the best windows are made:

  • Softwood: A stable and durable material. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and you can easily change the colors over time. Softwood is your most expensive option. Requires upkeep and is prone to cracking, splintering and bug infestations.
  • Hardwood: Longer lasting and more durable than softwood. It’s also easy to use for many home styles. Also an expensive option. Also, it requires constant upkeep and is prone to issues like mold, etc.
  • Metal or Fiberglass: Aluminum windows are perfect for use as storm windows. These materials are strong and will last you. Also expensive and it varies depending on style and manufacturer. 
  • Vinyl or Plastic: Our favorite for best windows choice. Made from eco-friendly materials it has been the number one choice to replace windows since the 1990s. There is also no maintenance or upkeep required for vinyl windows.

Our choice is to use windows made by Preservation. They are subjected to the following tests:

  1. Air Filtration
  2. D55 Water Resistance
  3. DP65 Structural Load

They are also certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Choose New Windows?

The best windows are chosen to fulfill whatever needs you may have. 

But sometimes it’s hard to know when your old windows aren’t doing their job any longer.

Here are some signs you need to look into getting new windows:

  • The Weather is Coming In: Your old windows aren’t keeping out the weather. If not replaced it can lead to mold, rotting, mildew and other structural and health issues.
  • You Use a Crank: You shouldn’t get your workout of the day trying to open and shut your windows. A new window will open and shut easily.
  • Windows are Broken or Rusted Shut: Not only do these types of windows let in the weather, they also look terrible.
  • To Reduce Energy: A drafty window can increase your energy costs from 10%-25%. 
  • Windows are Hard to Clean: New windows tilt inwards for easy cleaning.
  • Can’t See Through Them: Whether it’s warped or constantly foggy, it’s time for new windows.

How to Tell if Your Best Windows are Energy Efficient

Did you know you might be eligible for a federal tax credit when you replace your windows?

But you need to choose the right one’s to be eligible. 

Here’s are the first two labels to look for:

  1. The US Department of Energy’s blue and yellow Energy Efficient Star
  2. The white National Fenestration Rating Council label

There are 5 measurements that are taken:

  1. U-Factor: This is used to in deciding whether or not you’ll be eligible for a tax credit. It must be at a 0.3 or less. The lower the number, the more insulated the window will be.

Recommendations for southern climates is 0.6 or less and for northern climates 0.35 or less.

  1. Solar Heat Coefficient (SHGC): The lower the number, the less solar radiation and heat the windows will allow inside. This is also a deciding factor for tax credits. To receive one, your window must be below a 0.3 or less.

In a warmer climate, seek the lowest rating possible to reduce the use of air conditioning. Most southern climates have a 0.4 or less while it’s usually not as high of a concern for many northern climates.

  1. Visible Transmittance: This is the amount of light your window allows through while reducing the heat. The lower the number, the dimmer your home will be. 

While reducing glare or increasing light may be great for your home, it is not a consideration for the tax credit.

  1. Air Leakage: Standard building code is 0.3. It’s not considered an energy standard as it’s rather difficult to accurately measure the amount of air passing through a door. However, if you live near extreme elements or are trying to compare similar products, this may help you make a decision.

This also will not help you receive a tax credit.

  1. Condensation Resistance: Most energy-star rated windows resist condensation well so it’s not a huge help in terms of choosing which window to buy. 

It’s also not a consideration for the federal tax credit.

It’s important to know what you’re getting when you choose your best windows.

Whether you choose new windows because yours are out-of-date, no longer energy efficient, or are broken, we know there are other companies in Virginia Beach out there.

We’re committed to providing outstanding service along with outstanding products. Let’s see how we can help you find your best windows today. 

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