Best Menu List from Jacksonville Restaurants

Jacksonville is a lovely place to live, school, or visit anytime during a month, or year. Amongst the numerous attractive points in the city is the various menu for their residents and tourists. This article will highlight some of the best menu lists from the major restaurants in the city. For a newbie in the city, they are a must-eat. Let’s see some of these dishes. Further facts about Jacksonville, FL can be found here.


This is one of the simplest, yet best dishes to try out from Kickbacks restaurant. Coupled with spaghettis, corn dogs can be enjoyed by all. Asides from the great taste, it is a food to keep you refreshed all day without worries of hunger. Then, to seal the food, take down a bottle of beer. What a perfect combo. Information about Beautiful Waterways in Jacksonville can be found here.

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles are great together. This is one of the best menus served at The Metro Diner. They have a great way of preparing the dish to soothe the taste of all their customers. Many tourists love to visit the place during their stay to enjoy the best menu from this restaurant. Other foods are also served at the restaurant.