Appreciate The Architectural Features of Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach, VA

Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a historic landmark noted for its architectural features. The house was built in 1908 by Thomas A. Ferry, and according to historians. The home features two stories, Cape Cod-style house with two towers on each side of the main floor, a two-story penthouse without a building to the main door’s left and right. The home sits on a lot that slopes down towards the Atlantic Ocean. More about Virginia Beach, VA can be seen here.

This beautiful home’s architectural features include a large kitchen, pantry, living room, large foyer, library, large sunroom, boat dock, sun deck, patio, pool, and boat slip. This house offers two unique vantage points that allow guests to enjoy nature’s beauty and experience the refreshing ocean air. The house’s interior features wood panels throughout and the flooring are laid in granite and burnished brass. The interior has natural light through the skylights, and the walls are painted with a neutral color, accented by copper-colored trim and molding. Ferry and King’s architecture firm is responsible for the interior design and conception of this beautiful home. The Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach is in the National Register of Historic Places. Click here to read about Have an Amazing Adventure at Black Cat Escape Room in Virginia Beach, VA.

Tourists to the Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach will be able to find a variety of food and drink along the waterfront. They will also be able to dine at the Ferry Restaurant, which features two restaurants, a bar and lounge, and a patio. They also have an indoor playground and indoor pool. Another great place to visit is the award-winning Nantucket Jazz Club. This award-winning architecture firm next door to the Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach.