All About Manakin, Virginia


Manakin, Virginia is a historic route for the area surrounding Loudoun County and is a great way to get into the heart of Eastern Virginia. Manakin, known as the City of Folly, consists of the small villages of Manakin, Sabot, and Broadlands and is an unincorporated town in Goochland County, Virginia. It is located near Richmond in the Piedmont region and is part of this historic area. The town of Manakin was named after the first American governor of what is now Virginia, Thomas Jefferson. The history of Manakin includes the French colony of Acadia Canada (Nova Scotia) and the American Revolutionary War. More can be found here.


The cities of Manakin include a theater, a bridge that crosses the Shenandoah River, and a park. There are many attractions in the area including the Historic Virginia Historical Society Museum, the Manakin Jailbirds Museum, Virginia Science Museum, and Virginia Historical Society. The Manakin Jailbirds is a replica of the jail where Thomas Jefferson was held. The museum explores early American history with displays of costumes and period furniture. There are many attractions including the Manakin, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Research Center, Virginia Zoo, Manakin, Farm, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and many other entertainments and educational facilities. Learn more about Amazing Attractions in Holly Hills, Virginia.

There is plenty to see and do in the cities of Manakin including sightseeing, history and culture, and many places to visit on foot or by bike. Many areas offer bicycling tours around many or all of the destinations. Virginia is a state full of rich and exciting history and natural beauty. With bicycling and hiking adventures to suit every taste, vacationers can explore many unique destinations in Virginia.