A Relaxing and Refreshing Place – Carrollton, Virginia


If you want a great vacation and don’t mind driving in a little, you should check out what is called the small town of Carrollton, Virginia. This charming city is nestled between The Shenandoah River and The Potomac River. In this area, you will find historic hotels, restaurants, and boutiques to visit. The major attraction in town is the annual Cataloochee River Fest, which is celebrated from mid-August to mid-Sept. Learn information about Chesapeake, VA here.


In the summertime, visitors can enjoy the wonderful summer events at the popular Shenandoah River Watershed Park. There are also many kayaking adventures for the water enthusiast. The park features many great attractions like the historic George Thomas house and Thomas Cabin State Park. The Crystal Lake Inn offers visitors beautiful suites and delicious meals, making it one of the best places in the city for a weekend getaway. Carrollton, Virginia, is a charming Virginia town that is located along the James River. The city of Carrollton is known for its natural beauty with a number of beautiful beaches, including one that is popularly known as James Town beach. Many tourists visit this beach during the summer to enjoy the warm weather and the golden sand that are available. The town of Carrollton enjoys a rich history with a number of Civil War sites available to explore. The Town of Carrollton has grown in the last few years, and today it is a popular destination for tourists to visit. Discover facts about A Guide to Planning a Trip to Carrollton, Virginia.

Carrollton, Virginia, is a beautiful place to live or visit for a vacation. It is about an hour away from Washington D. C., which is the Capital of the Nation. The amazing part of this destination is that you will be able to see all that is here without traveling too far. This is because of its central location. Another great thing that this place offers is a variety of fun activities for both young and old to participate in. destinations. Carrollton is served by major highways such as the Elizabeth River Road, the Williamsburg Road, and the Virginia Railway Express. There are also a number of cabins in this area, which give the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing vacation. A visit to this destination will make your holiday more enjoyable.