A Guide to Planning a Trip to Carrollton, Virginia


Carrollton, Virginia, is a small town located on the eastern shore of the Elizabeth River in Virginia. It is sometimes referred to as Wisskill, after the German physician and surgeon who served during the mid-1800s. Today, it is best known for its seafood restaurants, particularly its award-winning Wisskill Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant. If you are looking for a family-friendly destination where you and your family can enjoy great food, shopping, and fun, then Carrollton is your perfect destination. Learn more here.


In Carrollton, you will be able to find a variety of different types of restaurants and nightspots. Many of the restaurants are family-owned and operated, with affordable and home-style pricing to please even the pickiest visitors. If you like to dine out, you will want to check out restaurants like Wolfgang Puck’s, Gino’s Restaurant (in the Wisskill area of town), Pizzarelli’s Italian Kitchen, and Angel’s Lobster Bar. If you prefer fine dining, you will want to check out The Blue Nile, Spago, and berries. There is also a wide range of bars and pubs in this locale that can give you the enjoyment you are looking for, from reliable dive bars and waterfront bars to high-end restaurants and trendy nightspots. If you are in town for business, you will find many business meetings and conferences in addition to many local businesses that offer their products and services via the Internet and other forms of communication. Learn more about Top Destinations In Virginia Beach, VA.

If you are interested in spending your free time in this beautiful and historic destination, then you may wish to check out the many events and activities that this town offers. You will certainly want to check out the annual Cataloochee River Fest, a celebration of the resilience of the natural world that has taken place every May since 1873. Additionally, the town of Hampton Roads offers plenty of other festivals and fun-filled activities that anyone of all ages and abilities can take part in. With all the things that you will want to do, why not plan to have a little fun along the way? When you visit Carrollton, Virginia, you can enjoy the many things that the city and its neighboring regions have to offer without worrying about your safety, as they are provided by highly trained law enforcement officers and well-trained volunteers.