A Touching Story of Generosity

1383463_682823208403781_978794491_nA month ago a group of Paramount Builders Sales Representatives came together to come up with ideas of a gift to get owner, Ed Augustine for his birthday. The group came to a unanimous decision and chose rath…er than giving a gift directly to Ed that they would “do what Ed himself would do, GIVE”.  The sales team went right to work and looked for a deserving family who were in need for exterior home remodeling needs. During their search the General Manager came across a lovely couple, Mr. & Mrs. DaCosta. The DaCosta’s are an elderly couple who have lived in Williamsburg, VA their entire lives and have been married for 58 years. They live on a fixed income and Mr. DaCosta is currently waiting tables at Kings Mill to make ends meet. They desperately needed a vinyl trim system installed on their home as wood had started to rot and they had no means to fix or make repairs. After informing the couple of that the group of salesmen wanted to complete this project at no cost to the homeowners the couple was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Mr. & Mrs. DaCosta received a complete vinyl trim package for their home on behalf of the group of salesmen as a gift to Ed Augustine, who in their eyes leads by example.