What is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a durable form of plastic exterior wrapping for a home, used both for aesthetics and weatherproofing. Engineered primarily from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, vinyl siding is a convenient addition to your home because it precludes the need for painting every few years and other hassles of regular maintenance. Let’s explore other aspects of vinyl siding and the benefits that come with it.Dutchlap Siding

Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very affordable material to install on a home or other structure. According to This Old House, vinyl siding costs, on average, 11 percent less than cedar siding and 26 percent less than aluminum. It’s typically installed over rigid insulation for the utmost in energy efficiency. Today, vinyl remains the most popular option for siding throughout the United States, on both new and existing homes. Other front runners are wood, aluminum, steel, brick and stucco.

You also get a wide variety when you install vinyl siding. It’s available in a broad spectrum of colors, which means you have just as many choices as paint colors these days. You also have your choice of textures, whether smooth or wood grain. In addition, you can choose from standard lengths with straight edges, scalloped edges or other kinds of decorative edges. Some siding is designed to imitate the look of natural wood grain shakes, which may fit in especially nice with your traditional home. Other siding is completely smooth which goes nicely with modern homes. From horizontal to vertical panels, you also have your choice of accessories also crafted from vinyl, such as soffit and window trim.

Ease of installation is another reason why vinyl is preferred over other materials, such as wood shakes, which take more precision to install. In addition, vinyl is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to rot, unlike wood which is susceptible to moisture warping and termite infestation. Vinyl is also very easy to clean. All you need is a high-pressure power washer to get off mildew, dirt and other stuck-on debris.


Vinyl siding has only been around for 70 years or so. It made its debut back in the 1950s as an alternative to aluminum siding, which tended to ding and warp very easily. Vinyl siding wasn’t wholly embraced as a building material right away. In fact, the early versions were prone to cracking, sagging, fading and buckling. Thanks to advancing technology, vinyl siding gradually improved in both chemistry makeup and ease of installation. Now, vinyl siding, as stated above, is the most popular home covering in the country – and for good reason.

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Nash Rich

I had no idea that vinyl has been used for more than 70 years. I always think of 90’s houses when I think of vinyl because that was the kind of style then. I figured that’s when it came around since it was used so much. Thanks for the info on here!

Maggie Allen

It’s really nice that there are a lot of different color options available for people who want vinyl siding. Since I am pretty picky about colors, I would definitely benefit from something like this. In fact, I should probably look at some options soon. It would be really nice to have my house in a nice shade of robin’s egg blue.

Luke Smith

I liked reading your comment about how vinyl siding is available in as many color choices as paint! I would imagine this would make replacing the siding with a different color a viable option for home renovation, instead of simply repainting what you have. Especially since it’s so easy to install it would seem to be a really good option.

Zequek Estrada

It’s awesome how vinyl siding is a very affordable material to install on a home. I’d heard that even though it’s not expensive, that there wasn’t a wide variety. It’s nice to learn that I’d heard wrong.

Finn Stewart

I like how you mention that you get a wide variety of options when you install vinyl siding. I know that the siding on my home needs to be replaced, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find an option that matches the rest of the house. But since there are so many options, it sounds like it can work for any house!

Jay Jorgenson

I think that vinyl siding, if done right, can make a house look amazing. I really like what was said about how vinyl siding is energy efficient as well. Energy efficiency is the most important thing because that heating and cooling is where most of your money goes.

Derek Mcdoogle

In your article, you stated that according to This Old House, vinyl siding costs, on average, 11 percent less than cedar siding and 26 percent less than aluminum. Last night we had a really severe storm came through and damaged a lot of the siding on our house. I wonder if there are types of siding that might be more durable during severe weather.

Rachel Lannister

In the article it states that vinyl is easy to install, and also resistant to rot. Being able to get new siding quickly, and not having to worry about it rotting would provide a lot of peace of mind. I’ll be sure to tell my mother, who is considering get her house re-sided, to go find a service that specializes in vinyl. Thanks for the informative read.

Bernard Clyde

It’s good to know that vinyl siding is affordable and effective at protecting your home. It’s important to feel like the integrity of your house is safe from the elements. I think it can reduce a lot of stress and worry about your walls getting worn down and needing repairs. It’s important to find a method like siding that can meet your needs financially and protectively. Like the new stuff and colors that are on the market now.


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