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Replacement Windows To Buy – Virginia Beach

Which Replacement Windows Should You Buy From Virginia Beach Companies? There are many important qualities to consider when buying replacement windows. Learn which replacement windows in Virginia Beach to buy here! Before you start making waves in the Atlantic Ocean, take note of what mother nature has in store for Virginia Beach. This includes a cooler than normal […]

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How New Windows Can Benefit Your Home This Winter

Brand new replacement windows benefit  homeowners at any time of year, but especially in winter. Heat loss due to air leakage in and out of the home is one of the most common issues with older windows. Heat loss translates to higher energy bills and an uncomfortable indoor environment. Problems With Outdated Windows The types […]

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3 Ways to Raise the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value in the current economy and real estate market, consider some key home remodeling improvements. In an October 2011 national survey of homeowners and renters, 30 percent of those surveyed said a home remodel was done with the main goal of increasing their home’s value. Of course, not […]

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What to Do When a Window Breaks

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As a Virginia homeowner, there likely will come an unfortunate day when you experience a broken exterior window or even a shattered glass pane shower door. These types of accidents can be caused by anything from an errantly thrown baseball to tumultuous summer storms and high winds. If a broken glass window or door occurs […]

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Protecting Your Windows During Hurricane Season


It’s important for homeowners in Virginia to be prepared to face each year’s hurricane seasons. When the strong gusts of wind and pouring rain starts rolling through, your windows and doors are your first line defense for protecting your home’s belongings and family members. One faulty window or door can lead to severe damage in […]

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Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Windows

Your windows are an important system in your home’s envelope. Like other areas of your home that show warning signs when something is wrong, such as a leaky roof or rickety doors, your windows show signs of age, damage and inefficiency, too. However, window warning signs are not always as obvious or alarming as water […]

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