How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Norfolk, VA?

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Norfolk, VA?

What will it cost to buy a new Roof in Norfolk, VA? Find the answers to this and other new roofing questions in this short guide.

New Roof Replacement

If you’re considering replacing your Norfolk, VA roof, the first question that likely pops into your mind is, “How much is this going to cost?” It’s understandable that any homeowner is going to want the answer to this question before diving into a roofing project, but the truth is that providing an answer is never cut and drive, and one should be weary of free quote by phone.

Keeping in mind, there’s a lot of variables, it’s not uncommon to pay anywhere between $9000 and $19000 for a new roof in Norfolk, VA. There are a variety of factors which will nudge your eventual cost either towards the higher or lower ends of these ranges. The following are all considerations which can affect the final price you pay for the installation of a new roof in Norfolk, VA.


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What Material is Currently on your Norfolk, VA Roof?

This is one of the first things that a roofing contractor in Norfolk will evaluate when looking at your roofing project and providing a quote. The old roofing material needs to be removed before your new roof can be installed. In some cases, roofers may have simply nailed new shingles down on top of old ones, and if you have a roof with multiple layers on it, the time and labor cost involved will increase.

On the other hand, if you have a simple roof with asphalt shingles on it, removal is quick and easy. This will be one of the more affordable scenarios for this stage of the project.


What Does the Roof Look Like?

President Club GAF AwardRoofing contractors need to know exactly what a roof looks like before they can provide an accurate quote. However, to simply figure a ballpark of which end of the pricing spectrum your project will land in, you can use three basic guidelines:

  • Square Footage
  • Number of Angles
  • Pitch of the Roof

For each of these figures, the greater the number, the greater the cost. Square footage increases will increase both your material and labor costs. The number of angles in a roofing surface will mostly affect the labor cost, but there can be a few incidental additional material costs involved with dealing with complex roof lines as well. Small increases in pitch are unlikely to have a significant effect on pricing, but extremely steep roofs require specialized equipment and are much more time consuming than homes that are built with more typical residential roof pitches.


Condition of the Substructure

This is a difficult cost to accurately predict before the job begins, and is one of the things that you should calculate for yourself even if your roofing contractor doesn’t build potential overages into their initial quote. If there is damage to the roof decking or any of the structural elements of the house, you will need to add the cost of those repairs into the total cost of your roof replacement project.

The reason this is difficult to predict is that many of these problems won’t reveal themselves until the old roofing material is removed. Once the old shingles or shakes have been stripped, your contractors can accurately assess the condition of the existing substructure. As long as the roof was initially properly installed and is being replaced before it has failed completely, you shouldn’t find many serious problems in this regard. However, if you’ve had significant storm, tree or water damage to your roof, it is very possible that you could find additional costs added to your project once the old roof is removed.


Material Choice

Master Elite Roofing Contractor AwardBasically, all of the costs involved in a roofing project can be divided into material and labor. The material that you choose will greatly affect the cost of your job, the look of your home once the job is completed, the energy efficiency of your home, and the protection that your home receives from the elements.

Asphalt 3-tab shingles are often the most economical roofing option available to you. They are also remarkably durable for the cost. However, many modern homes are now moving to an architectural-style laminate shingle. While these products cost slightly more money than their 3-tab counterparts, they offer a much updated style as well as increased durability. Well installed laminate shingles can easily last 25 years as long as no external damage occurs.


Warranty Costs Involved in Roof Installation in Norfolk, VA

Warranty is not something that everyone thinks of when installing a new roof, but it is something your contractor will likely as you about. Knowing how important this is to you can help make the decision regarding your roofing material easier. Sometimes, going with a product or a company that offers a warranty can cause your initial price to go up, but you’re buying security over the lifetime of the product.

Manufacturers warranties are the warranties offered by the makers of the shingles you buy for your home. This warranty guarantees against any defect of the product itself, which, while rare, is a nice additional layer of defense.

Must more important however is a warranty offered by your roofing company. If a roof leaks or is in some other way not sound, it is almost always going to be caused because an error was made during the installation of the product, rather than because of a failure of the product itself.

The best roofing companies around will offer a warranty that guarantees the workmanship of their projects. This should give you an incredible amount of confidence in a given company, because it shows that they are willing to back their work with an actionable warranty that will protect their customers in the event that the roof starts to leak, comes unfastened, or experiences any other types of problems.


Unforeseen Factors Impact The Price of Roof Replacement

Finally, in addition to the problems that you may discover with the substructure, it is always a good idea to budget some extra money to account for unexpected problems that can crop up over the course of a job. For instance, if a storm blows in in the middle of your project it can cause delays or damage to the roof. This type of event is unfortunate and something everyone hopes to avoid, but it is far better to be prepared and happy when no problems arise, than to be caught unprepared if something causes the cost on your project to unexpectedly increase.

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