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The Ocean’s Effects on Your Coastal Home

Some of the most sublime views to be seen anywhere in the country are those in coastal areas, alongside the vast expanse of an endless ocean, rhythmically moving in response to the primal forces of the earth and its moon. There is something serene and beautiful about the tides lapping against the shoreline just as […]

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Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Cool In the Summer

When outdoor temperatures are at their highest, your first impulse may be to use your air conditioning unit to create a cool and comfortable home environment. While this impulse is certainly understandable, using your cooling system isn’t always the best option, or even an option at all. You may be forced to wait for your […]

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The Best Place to Hang Your American Flag

This Memorial Day, if you’re ready to hang your American flag and celebrate the Stars and Stripes and all that they represent, there are a few things you should know. Hanging the flag correctly is a touching way to honor the country. Hanging the flag incorrectly could disrespect it, and possibly annoy or even offend […]

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Snowed In: 10 Items to Keep On Hand

Though considered part of the South, the state of Virginia – especially the area around Richmond and the Hampton Roads area – see snow every winter and freezing rain or sleet on a fairly regular basis. So, getting “snowed in” is a distinct possibility. Here are a few suggestions for what to keep on hand […]

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A Touching Story of Generosity


A month ago a group of Paramount Builders Sales Representatives came together to come up with ideas of a gift to get owner, Ed Augustine for his birthday. The group came to a unanimous decision and chose rath…er than giving a gift directly to Ed that they would “do what Ed himself would do, GIVE”.  […]

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